artifacts by gsmichaels 


Art + i + fact = Artifact. The i represents the creative consciousness.

Over time, my i has concluded that:

  • Much is not clear. Much that is clear now will prove to be an illusion, later. Conversely, the illusory is generally clearer and more easily known than that which passes for certainty.

In 2021, > Artful Lives recorded a conversation with me.  The segment is titled: Art in the Presence of Absence pt.1 There is also a pt. 2.

No one has played a more important role in my quest  to see than the artist, William Girard, my teacher, mentor and friend. His life and work (website) are a constant joy and source of inspiration (blog).

‚ÄčI also blog about matters of literature, design and aesthetics. I have even been known to write the occasional poem. You can find evidence of these at: 

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FYI. As it happens, there is another artist with a  name very similar to my own but  whose work is clearly his own. He is Glen Michaels, a graduate of Yale and  an instructor at the world-renowned Cranbrook Academy of Art, in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

Both of us lived in the suburbs of Detroit, Michigan during the 1970s. His wonderful work was widely commissioned, honored, published and discussed and he often gave lectures at various area venues.